Chief Justice Mark Martin Proclaims July as Juror Appreciation Month
News image Chief Justice Mark Martin has proclaimed the month of July as the first annual Juror Appreciation Month in the state of North Carolina. In a ceremonial proclamation signed by Chief Justice Martin, Juror Appreciation Month is being established “to recognize the importance of jury service to the community.”

“Jurors are a fundamental part of the American judicial system,” said Chief Justice Martin. “Were it not for the thousands of North Carolinians who perform this important civic duty throughout our great state each month, the Judicial Branch could not complete its important mission of administering justice for all.”

The Sixth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution and Article I, Section 24, of the N. C. Constitution provide a person charged with a crime the right to a trial by a jury. Most North Carolina citizens usually come into contact with the Judicial Branch through jury service. Juror Appreciation Month is an opportunity to educate the public and to help raise awareness of the importance of jury service, while extending a small token of thanks to the many citizens who devote their time to the Judicial Branch and our system of justice.

While some North Carolina judicial districts have held juror appreciation activities in the past, this is the first statewide Juror Appreciation Month in North Carolina. This year also marks the 240th Anniversary of Superior Court, the court where most jurors serve. Participation in Juror Appreciation Month is voluntary, and some judicial districts will host their own events in support of the Chief Justice’s proclamation.

See more about Juror Appreciation Month and read the official Juror Appreciation Month proclamation from Chief Justice Martin.

Publish Date: 07/05/2017