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Online Services Offers 24/7 Convenience for Court Business
News image As part of the Judicial Branchís eCourts initiative, expanded web-based services are available for the convenience of citizens and the improved efficiency of the judicial system. The user-friendly services provide 24/7 convenience without ever having to appear at the courthouse. Citizens may go to online services to
  • Pay court-related costs, fines, and fees for most criminal and infraction cases after disposition in court
  • Request dismissal of minor traffic cases
  • Pay or request a reduction for speeding tickets
  • Submit certain court filings (eFiling)
  • Find a court date and search by name, case or citation number, county, and more

Drivers who have received a ticket have several options for saving time and avoiding a trip to court. The Judicial Branch online services portal now offers a convenient, consolidated lookup for all traffic citations. The system interfaces directly with N.C. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) data as well as Judicial Branch criminal records to evaluate the userís eligibility for all citation-related services and informs them of their online options. These may include

  • Payment of the ticket and related costs
  • Request for dismissal of minor driver license, registration, and inspection offenses
  • Reduction of speeding charges

Each of these options is fast and user-friendly for the public, while greatly reducing the time district attorneys and clerks need to review and process traffic cases. In addition, case data is updated automatically, resulting in quicker disposition of cases, less paperwork, and less traffic and shorter lines in courthouses.

Additionally, eFiling options are available for the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Business Court. In certain counties, users also may eFile for

  • Civil superior cases
  • Special proceeding foreclosure cases
  • Domestic violence cases

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Publish Date: 1/22/2018
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