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State's Citation Payment Website Continues to Save Time for Courts and Citizens
News imageThe Court System's payNCticket is celebrating its third year for accepting payments online for citations. Statewide, the payNCticket program has saved citizens hundreds of thousands of hours, and it has saved clerks of court roughly 15,000 hours by eliminating the need to manually take and process receipts. To date, the system has processed more than 335,000 citations and collected nearly $72 million in fines and related court costs.

"The system was custom built with court officials to make payments more convenient and efficient for citizens to make and for the courts to process," said N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts Director John W. Smith. "It is just one of a number of web-based systems that we are building to modernize technology in the courts."

PayNCticket accepts payments for traffic and other offenses that will not be contested in a court of law. Payment methods accepted are credit and debit cards. The systems' automatic updates of case records allows for quicker disposition of court cases.

"We have found this system to be more convenient and less time consuming for our citizens, out-of-county, and out-of-state residents, as well as our office staff," said Wayne County Clerk of Superior Court Pam Minshew, whose office has processed more than 2,500 citations using the system. "The use of payNCticket has allowed our office to be more efficient and reduce the amount of time in processing traffic citations."

Most monies received from citations do not stay with the courts. Of the $72 million collected, nearly $48 million went to the State's General Fund; the remaining monies were disbursed to county governments and municipalities.

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Sharon Gladwell
NCAOC communications director
919 890-1394

Justin Furr
NCAOC information and communications specialist
919 890-1398
Publish Date: 05/14/2013
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