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Parker Poe Honored for its Commitment to the N.C. Guardian ad Litem Program
News imageApril has been proclaimed North Carolina Guardian ad Litem Child Advocate Month by Governor Pat McCrory, as well as national Child Abuse Prevention Month and Volunteer Appreciation month. Action is what has defined the program for years and it is what will continue to drive the program in the future. The willingness to stand, advocate, and act on behalf of the more than 15,000 children this program currently serves is what defines the advocates and unites the pro bono appellate attorneys in their work and commitment to these children. The attorneys who volunteer with North Carolina's Guardian ad Litem Pro Bono Program all have one very significant characteristic in common a commitment to action on behalf of abused and neglected children.

The pro bono program attorneys are an integral part of the NC GAL Program's mandate and purpose to keep kids in our state safe from harm. Through a collaborative model of volunteer appellate attorneys and state office staff, the program ensures the children involved in these cases have a voice and zealous legal representation at the appellate level of their case(s).

In 2012, pro bono attorneys helped manage and advocate for children in 82 out of 156 abuse and neglect cases at the appellate level. Most particularly, this program salutes the law firm of Parker Poe Adams and Bernstein, LLP for their unparalleled commitment and consistent action in support of these children and their cases. The attorneys at Parker Poe collectively handled one-fourth of all the Guardian ad Litem appellate cases last year. This year they have committed to maintaining their level of participation for 2013 and taking new appellate cases every month this year. NC GAL greatly appreciates and applauds the attorneys at Parker Poe for their unwavering commitment and outstanding action on behalf of the children.

The NC GAL Program recognizes there is still much more work to do. Now more than ever the children of our state need zealous advocates at all levels of their cases. If you can be the voice for a child and advocate for healthy and safe outcomes for children with cases of abuse and neglect, please join us in action. To learn more about the Guardian ad Litem Pro Bono Attorney Program please contact our Appellate Counsel, Tawanda Foster at (919) 890-1255 or You may also find more on the web at or on Facebook as "NC Guardian ad Litem."
Publish Date: 04/08/2013
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