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1. Richard Dietz to be Appointed to Court of Appeals
 Governor McCrory announced Monday that Winston-Salem lawyer Richard Dietz will be appointed to the Court of Appeals to fill the seat of Judge Bob Hunter, Jr., who was recently appointed to the Supreme Court. (Published on  08/26/2014 )
2. Special Superior Court Judge Lisa Bell Appointed to North Carolina Court of Appeals
 Special Superior Court Judge Lisa Bell has been appointed to the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Governor Pat McCrory made the announcement Friday that Judge Bell will fill outgoing Chief Judge John Martin's seat, who retired on August 1. (Published on  08/25/2014 )
3. Warning: Residents Beware of Jury Duty Scam
 Durham County court officials have been informed that residents were recently targeted in a scam involving jury duty. Report any such calls or emails received to the Durham County Sheriff's Office. (Published on  08/21/2014 )
4. Court of Appeals Judge Bob Hunter to be Appointed Supreme Court Justice
 Court of Appeals Judge Robert N. "Bob" Hunter, Jr. will be appointed as a justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina. Governor Pat McCrory made the announcement Wednesday that Judge Hunter will fill the seat of Justice Mark Martin. (Published on  08/20/2014 )
5. Senior Associate Justice Mark Martin to be New Chief Justice
 Governor Pat McCrory's appointment to be effective September 1, 2014. (Published on  08/18/2014 )
6. The Judicial Life and Times of Chief Justice Sarah Parker
 The Judicial Branch celebrates the many contributions of its retiring chief justice (Published on  08/17/2014 )
7. MVP Trends in State Courts
 State courts have turned to technology to streamline operations during the economic downturn. In North Carolina, remote video isn't only saving the courts money, it's also making it safer for law enforcement officers to process offenders. (Published on  08/01/2014 )
8. Chief Justice Parker Designates Judge Linda McGee as Court of Appeals Chief Judge
 Chief Justice Sarah Parker has designated Judge Linda McGee as chief judge of the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Current Chief Judge John C. Martin will step down from the bench and retire on August 1, 2014. (Published on  07/24/2014 )
9. ALERT: Scammer Using Deceased Attorney Name to Make Money
 Scam artist is targeting families of inmates (Published on  07/20/2014 )
10. National Publication Focuses on How Courts Provide Justice for Juveniles and the Elderly
 The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) has released its 2014 edition of Trends in State Courts with special focus on providing justice for the most vulnerable members of our society: juveniles and elderly. (Published on  07/11/2014 )
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