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Court Reporters & Transcriptionists

The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts maintains an alphabetical list of persons authorized and approved to prepare transcripts of proceedings in the courts of all counties of the State of North Carolina, both from electronic recordings made by the clerk in district court and from records kept by official court reporters in superior court. It includes both resident and roving official court reporters and transcriptionists. NCAOC does not endorse any individual on the list as more qualified than another but certifies that each has attained the requisite understanding and experience to prepare certified verbatim transcripts in accordance with the applicable rules in the courts of North Carolina.

It should also be understood that, because of varying workloads, it cannot be assumed that any person listed will accept a particular case at any given time. Individuals should be contacted ahead of time and allowed the opportunity to either accept or decline an assignment based on their current pending caseload at that time.

NCAOC Approved Transcriptionists List

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