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The N.C. Court of Appeals has provided a mediation program since 2002 offering parties an opportunity to participate in mediation of cases pending before the Court of Appeals. The mediation program has been very successful, since nearly half of the cases in which the parties have agreed to attend mediation are resolved. Appellate mediation is a voluntary program that allows parties to an appeal to submit their dispute for mediation by an informed, neutral person in a confidential setting. Several of the judges on the Court of Appeals have received mediation training, and they provide mediation services at no charge in eligible cases in which all parties agree to mediation. The focus is on encouraging settlement and reaching an agreeable disposition of the appeal among the parties. Civil cases are eligible for mediation, with the exception of termination of parental rights cases, juvenile cases, and cases addressing registration or monitoring of sex offenders. A case will not, however, be assigned for mediation unless all the parties to the appeal have agreed to the mediation. If a case is assigned to mediation, the appellant will receive a 60 day extension of time to file the appellant’s brief to allow time for the mediation session to be held before the brief must be filed.

For additional information about N.C. Court of Appeals mediation services, please send e-mail to:

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