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Judicial Branch Vacancies

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Judicial Branch of North Carolina State Government. Judicial Branch vacancies have been combined into a searchable employment website: North Carolina State Government Employment.

Judicial Branch vacancies can best be found on the site by clicking the Filter button, then selecting Department. On the dropdown menu that appears when you select Department, select one or more of the nine departments that are part of the Judicial Branch. The nine departments are:

  • Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Clerk of Superior Court
  • Commissions and Conferences
  • Court of Appeals
  • District Attorney
  • District Court
  • Indigent Defense Services
  • Superior Court
  • Supreme Court

If any of these headings don't appear on the list of departments, that means there are no current vacancy postings in that department.

The site also allows search by other criteria, including job title, location, and job category. Applications can be initiated from within the website.

Contract Positions

Contract positions are posted on the North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System website.

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